Image Service GetNativePixelBlock method

Gets a pixel block from an image at a given catalog item, a given source image, and at block/tile location (tx, ty). A raster ID (RID) is the object ID of the catalog item containing the image. A source image ID is the ID of the source image that composed the catalog item.


GetPixelBlock(int RID, int IID, int tx, long ty, int level)





The raster ID (ObjectID of the catalog item).


The source image ID.


The block/tile column number.


The block/tile row number.


The pyramid level. The level 0 is the base image.


Return Value


A base64Binary object (byte[]).




The returned binary pixel block data is of the same format as that returned from GetImage.


The pixel block is positioned using block/tile column and row numbers based on a tiling scheme, i.e. the tile origin, the pixel size, and tile size. The tiling information on an image can be obtained using GetNativeRasterInfo. The pixel block is from the raw image, e.g. a panchromatic raster from a pansharpened catalog item, or a DEM from an orthorectified item.