Geocode Service GetSingleLineAddressField method

Gets the Field used to define the single line address information to be submitted to a geocode service (not supported for pre-ArcGIS 10 locators).




Return Value


A Field object.  Specifies the field that the locator uses to geocode addresses in a single-line format.




Every geocode service defines one or more address fields - which are input fields used by a client to submit address information to be geocoded.  Each field maintains a set of important properties, some of which are included in the table below:


Property name



Input field name defined by the geocode service.  This is used by the client to submit the appropriate address information to the correct input field.



A descriptive name for the input field.  This may be used by a client to provide more intuitive information regarding the field content.



Determines if the address information must be provided for this field during a geocode operation.  If not required, the geocoding operation will proceed but the match score may be adversely affected.



The data type expected for the field.  In most cases, the data type will be a string.



Defines address information associated with inputs to the FindAddressCandidates, GeocodeAddress and GeocodeAddresses methods.