Geocode Service GetDefaultInputFieldMapping method

Gets the acceptable field name mappings (inputs) to address fields in a geocode service.  Only valid for the address table parameter in the GeocodeAddresses method.   




Return Value


A PropertySet containing keys (properties) and values.  The keys are the address fields defined by the geocode service.  Fields may be required or optional - use GetAddressFields for more information.  The values include a comma-delimited list of input field names which can be used to define field names in an AddressTable containing address information to be geocoded.         



When submitting an address to geocode, address information will be included in address fields defined by the geocode service. When submitting multiple addresses to geocode using the GeocodeAddresses method, addresses are included in an AddressTable recordset which can define a field name which maps to an appropriate address field for a geocode service.  The GetDefaultInputFieldMapping method defines the valid field names that can be used.

For example, a geocode service specifies that an address field named "Street" will contain street information and clients may submit address information in an input field named "Address, Street, Strts". If a field in the AddressTable recordset submitted to GeocodeAddresses is named "Address", "Street", or "Strts", the field contents will be mapped to the address field "Street".     


Note that the GeocodeAddresses method also permits the client to define a set of custom input field mappings.