Geoprocessing Service GetToolInfo method

Gets information on a specific tool (or task) in a geoprocessing service.


GetToolInfo(string ToolName)





The name of a tool within a geoprocessing service.


Return Value


A GPToolInfo object.




The signature and default values for a given tool can be obtained by calling this method. This method returns a GPToolInfo instance, which contains information about the tool’s parameters. In addition it includes the name, help string, and extent for the tool. The extent property supplies the client application with the valid extent of the tool. The tool extent will be based on the model environment setting. The extent is optional. It also has an array of GPParameterInfo, each describing a specific parameter.   Each parameter has a Name, a Direction (Input or Output), a ParamType (Required or Optional), a DataType (for e.g. double), a ChoiceList (a list of acceptable values for the parameter expressed as a list of strings), and a Value (default value).